Mayor’s Office
It has been four months since our last publication of the Sloan Connection was delivered to your door and another summer is over. We had four wonderful concerts in Griffith Park and, after many contractor delays, our Sports Court renovation was finally finished! My fellow Board members will join me in handing out Halloween candy on October 31st at the Halstead Community Center. Additional information on this and other events can be found on page four of this issue. In August, Deputy Mayor Eric Czubaj purchased a home outside the Village and resigned his Board seat. We are searching for a village resident who would like to become involved with their community on a new level as a Trustee. If you feel like the right person for this position, please submit a letter of interest to Village Hall in the next few weeks. A heartfelt thank you to Eric for serving on the Board for so many years; leading our Youth Recreation Department, assisting with contract negotiations, bringing expertise to our sewer project and so much more. Congratulations to him and his family on this new chapter in their lives. After two years of manufacturer delays and cancellations, our Highway Department should be receiving our new plow trucks next spring. In anticipation of winter, the crew has overhauled our twenty-two-year-old trucks; replaced aging hydraulic lines and filters, and completed oil changes. Over the summer, we also received three new zero- turn mowers, replacing twelve-year-old equipment. Both the Fire and Highway Departments have an equipment replacement schedule that is reviewed and amended on an annual basis. This policy has worked well for the Village as anticipating and planning for the needs of high-cost equipment and vehicle replacements helps minimizes the fiscal impact on our property owners. Utilizing our 2023 and 2024 Community Development Block Grant funding, we will be replacing the main playground set in Wrazen Park next summer. The existing structure is over twenty-five years old and new equipment that meets ADA standards will benefit our families with young children and have no financial impact on our taxpayers. We have finalized our project plan for the $15,000.00 grant awarded this year from Erie County. Legislator Tim Meyers has been instrumental in procuring funding for the past four years. These grants have been used for Wrazen and Griffith Park improvements, purchase of picnic tables and sun shelters in the Splashpad, and Community Center upgrades. For 2023 funding, we will be purchasing new facility security cameras, holiday banners and tables for the Sloan Fire Hall. We have just been awarded a $100,000.00 grant from Assemblywoman Monica Wallace to upgrade our bathrooms for ADA compliancy in the Griffith Park facility. Over the winter, our engineer will finalize a design plan and we will be requesting contractor bids. Hopefully all work will be completed by the opening of the Splash Pad in June. Assemblywoman Wallace has obtained over $400,000 in legislative grant monies for the Village of Sloan; funding used towards the Splash Pad installation, concrete sidewalks, renovations to Griffith Park Sports Courts, Arts Council Concert events and Fire Department equipment. Thank you to her for the continuous support of our Village community and assisting us in reaching our goal of fully ADA compliant parks. I hope to see everyone at our holiday events: Halloween on October 31st, Christmas program on December 18th and the February 10th, 7:00pm “Two of Us” Beatles tribute concert band at the Sloan Fire Hall.
From the desk of Mayor Thomas Ferrucci
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