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Sloan’s Early History, cont’d
The Village of Sloan was incorporated in 1896, with a population of less than 1000. It was named in honor of Mr. Samuel Sloan, who was then President of the Lackawanna Railroad. From 1896-1909, the Village had a Board of Health. The officials that served were as follow: July, 1896-April, 1899 President George Meadway; April, 1900-March,1902 President Myron Dean; April, 1903 President John Provost; June, 1903 President John Barnaby; May, 1904 President Mr. Noble; April, 1905 President Charles Wright; April, 1907 President Wm. Meadway; April, 1909 President Peter Ritchie The first Village officials took office in 1898. From then through October, 1927, the office of what we now know as “Mayor” was “President”. As of 1929, the title was officially changed to “Mayor,” by law. The first President was Edward C. Green. His trustees were: William Brennan Charles Wright Andrew Kilgalon (Kilgalon later became Sheriff of Erie County) The remaining members of his administration were: Patrick J. Leahy - Clerk; George Faber - Treasurer; Edward Ryan - Police Justice; George Meadway - Postmaster; Fruedin Thoma, MD, - Health Officer; Thomas Barry, Sr. - Registrar Vital Statistics and Percy S. Lansdowne - Village Attorney. The Police Department consisted of constables, appointed by the Village Board, with Amedo L. Coppolo as Chief. Constables were paid a fee based upon the number of arrests.