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From Sloan Fire Chief
The Fire Department is currently working on three grant opportunities. In conjunction with nine Town of Cheektowaga Fire Districts, we have applied and been awarded a federal regional Recruitment & Retention grant. The focus of this grant is for recruitment of more members and retention of current personnel through marketing plans, tuition reimbursement etc. We have also submitted a Recruitment & Retention grant individually that is still pending. This R&R grant will focus on establishing a firefighter wellness program, member online training courses, and community training programs for our Village. The third grant we are participating in is another federal regional grant with the Town of Cheektowaga Fire Districts. If awarded, the monies will be used for the replacement of portable radios. Our radios are over ten years old, Motorola has discontinued manufacturing them, and many need repairs. The grant will cover the cost of each unit, which is approximately $4,000 each, except for 10%, which would be the Village’s matching percentage. We currently have 14 portable radios in use; the grant would save us over $50,000. Our Department is hosting another free training event this fall for CPR Certification. There is no more common cause of death than heart disease. While heart attacks, cardiac arrest or other ailments occur mostly in older adults, they can strike anyone at any time. Getting CPR certified will equip you to provide life-saving intervention to individuals in need while first responders are on their way. If you are interested in this free course, please call 897-1564 or email sloanfd@sloanfd.org with your information and we will schedule the best time to provide this training.